About Me

Monk For Life is dedicated to you. My dear reader, I am here to know and help you with your problems. This Blog will help you counter your limitations, be limitless and be more confident than ever!

We know this that it the hardest and awkward thing to write about yourself. I feel confused what to mention and what not to.

The day when I started blogging from the very first day I was sure that I am here to provide some value to my Monk For Lifereaders and not just for time pass or because I like writing.

I have noticed that since I have started writing, I have become stronger and better than ever this is because now I have a channel to communicate with people, this feeling is special!

This Blog Is For

I write for everyone who wants to improve themselves and their life. We all know that nobody is perfect and the process of improving oneself is also consistent and ever going but when you have a buddy it becomes easier to do this.

If you visit my blog even once a week, I am sure you will gain some valuable and practical tips and tricks to improve and polish yourself in all the areas of your life.

Who Am I?

I am a student, and I love to make new friends and live a carefree and inspiring life. I have started this blog to channel my voice and reach out to a huge audience, and I would be grateful to you if you Share my content, it will help me to reach out to even more people.

I only promote those products on my blog in which I genuinely believe and would like to recommend you with a pure heart!


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